ShopRite Joins KNOX to Beautify Local Community Garden in Hartford

Temperatures that hovered in the mid-nineties did not deter a group of ShopRite “green team” volunteers from ShopRite Waverly Markets, a family-owned company that operates three ShopRite stores in Connecticut, from removing litter and planting shrubs at Evergreen Community Garden on August 10. The garden, located at 40 Evergreen Ave. in Hartford, is operated by KNOX, a local community nonprofit dedicated to building greener, stronger, and healthier neighborhoods in the city.

 “ShopRite is proud of our efforts to create a more sustainable future for Hartford residents by partnering with KNOX to combat food insecurity,” said Jordan Coe, president and co-owner of Waverly Markets. “The devastating effects of the pandemic have placed an even greater strain on local families, and enhancing Evergreen Community Garden is providing a lasting benefit for the community.”

As a community nonprofit, KNOX manages and maintains 20 community gardens throughout Hartford that enable hundreds of residents to grow healthy food for their families. KNOX's community gardens are about more than just gardening; they bring people together, creating lasting friendships while providing families with healthy, affordable food.
“These gardens bring the community closer together, connecting people that would never have met,” said Lindsay White, grants development manager of KNOX, “In fact, many community gardeners donate their produce to local food shelters, alleviating hunger for Hartford's poorest residents.”

ShopRite green teams are made up of associates who volunteer their time to environmental causes that include improving recycling efforts, reducing energy usage, lowering water consumption, and decreasing waste production. Currently, there are more than 100 green teams working to improve our environment and create a more sustainable future.

“Our sustainability program has accomplished a great deal in the last decade, particularly around our partnerships with regional environmental organizations,” said ShopRite’s Manager of Corporate Social Responsibility, Robert Zuehlke. “A key part of that effort is directly involving our retail green teams in a hands on approach to improving the broader environment and our local communities.  The green team at ShopRite’s Waverly Markets is one impactful example.”   

For more than four decades, ShopRite has supported sustainability efforts – both in ShopRite stores and in surrounding communities – that help protect our environment. ShopRite’s Corporate Social Responsibility program assists KNOX and other philanthropic and environmental organizations.  For more on Shoprite’s sustainability efforts please visit: